Our traditional kick-off of the contest season is the CQWWRTTY. This year apart from the usual technical issues we also had to consider Covid-19 as a competitor but with our “stand-alone” shacks this is not very hard to do.
The team this year: Kees PA3BWD, Ronald PA3EWP, Florian PB8DX, Joeri PD0W, Dennis PA7FM and Alex PA1AW. A nice mixture of experienced contesters and rookies.

It was a contest as we had many before: Heavy rain and wind during station built, fun, broken amplifier, fun, new antennas, fun, long shifts, fun, learning on the job, fun, smoke from bandfilter, fun, etc., fun

We like to thank all who called us. Cu next time ?¿

Some pictures to give you an impression:

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