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PI4COM is a small group of enthusiastic radio amateurs who like HF contesting.

You don’t get high scores for free in any contest. You have to compete against the rest of the world and believe us, that is a challenge. A lot of hard work is required to minimize the disadvantage we have by our location in western Europe and our limited “building permits”. But by reaching for our limits we try to hang in there in a competitive manor.

This web page has been setup to advise the world about our activities and to attract potential members or guest operators. We do not have secrets and like to show all we have available and how we operate. Have a look at this website and we hope it will give a good impression of what PI4COM is all about……….

Over the years the PI4COM team was faced with some serious problems caused by vandals and nature. The main shack building was totally destroyed in November 2001. The 80 and 160 meters antenna’s were lost during one storm in the 2003 winter and other antennas took serious damage. In 2007 we lost our 40m yagi and the tower took serious damage. The last few years vandals are our main challenge outside contesting….. Pictures and information are available on this website.

Apart from the actual contesting and hard work required to get and keep the contest station up and running  PI4COM is very active in promoting contesting in the Netherlands. That is why “newcomers” to contesting are always welcome to join us. We also have visited other clubs and presented to them what serious contesting is about. PI4COM members are also active on other fields of Amateur Radio. The “Low Land DXpedition Team” originated from the PI4COM members. Have a look at our links section which will give a good impression of what PI4COM members are doing outside PI4COM……….

Cu in next contest !!!

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