A BIG step forward

Yesterday a small group of members did a lot of preparation work for the new 20m yagi. Under the inspiring leadership of Kees PA3BWD, Ronald PA3EWP, Ton PA1CC and Derk PD9DX have installed the rotor. To do this, major adjustments to the mast construction were required. Thanks to the preparatory work of Kees PA3BWD everything went well and after a hard day’s work there was the well-deserved beer.

Big thanks to the hard workers.

Finally….. Antenna weather

After a long period of wind and rain the weather finally made of possible to do some antenna work at the station. Kees PA3BWD spent most of his day preparing the 20m tower for the new rotator and yagi to come. Ton PA1CC and Florian PB8DX went up the 40m tower to investigate the rotator issues. A long day in the tower but unfortunately no result and they had to take the rotator out of the tower.

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