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Our traditional kick-off of the contest season is the CQWWRTTY. Despite that we had to improvise in the station lay-out with the HP bandfilters in transit to W8S Swains Island we had unusual few technical issues. Having a multi radio conteststation on a limited footprint has always been a challenge so we are more and more experienced in solving, or… Read More »CQ WW RTTY 2023

Persistence paid off….

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One of the important annual contests is, of course, our national PACC contest. Here we see the results of hard work to improve and maintain the station. A capped victory in the Multi-Two category:

PI4COM will be in the PACC contest the upcoming weekend

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A bit limped but PI4COM will be a Multi2 entry in the PACC contest the weekend of February 11 & 12, 2023. The PACC contest is always on the 2nd full weekend of February. The first contest was held in 1955. For DX participants the Dutch provinces are the multipliers. It’s a 24 hour contest in mixed mode CW/SSB. You… Read More »PI4COM will be in the PACC contest the upcoming weekend

Antenna work – January 2023

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How it happened we still do not know but in the middle of the 2022 CQWW contests our main tower with the 20m and 10m yagi’s on it gave problems again. For the 2nd time in 8 months the new Optibeam 20M5 had a mechanical failure at the feeding system and the ProSistel rotator in the tower started to show… Read More »Antenna work – January 2023