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A lot of work…….

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…. has been done in recent weeks under the inspiring leadership of Florian PB8DX. Together with Ton PA1CC and Ronald PA3EWP, the antennas have been removed from the mast where the 40m project is now to grow slowly. In order to do this in a good way, a lot of work has been done in the storage areas in particular.… Read More »A lot of work…….

Another day at the office…

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May 3rd 2019, Ton PA1CC and Florian PB8DX spent a day at the station doing some antenna repair work including an inspection of the Riverside Tower which is out of action for some years now…..

PI4COM will be in the PACC contest this weekend.

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A bit limped due to the storm damage to our 20m yagi but PI4COM will be active in the PACC contest the coming weekend. So when you hear us give us a call, we can use the points….. 😉 Do you want to know more about the PACC: