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One step back to move forward

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Today a lot of aluminium was removed to make room for new antennas. Our 40m moxon who was killed in action during the winter storms was removed from the BIG tower and also our small tower was cleared, both to make room for Optibeam replacement antennas shortly.

Congrats Ronald PA3EWP

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#1 Netherlands #3 Europe #4 World Do we have to say more? Great result from our modest conteststation. Great job Ronald PA3EWP!!

Friday… repair day

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Today the moment was there to repair the 20m Optibeam from the damage encountered during the 3 storms which hit us within a 2 week periode. We quickly received the damaged parts from Tom at Optibeam maling it possible to do the repair work today. Luckely the weather was very fine for antenna work so all went well and the… Read More »Friday… repair day

A hard days work

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Today another big step was made towarts our “plug and play” station. After today the coax for 160m dipole and 80m vertical went in the ground and the 160m dipole is now ready for use in the shack. A BIG THANK YOU to todays workforce: Ton PA1CC, Derk PD9DX, Ronald PD1VIP and Ronald PA3EWP.