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Station improvement and chasing DX: Perfect combination

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The past weekend a lot happened at the PI4COM station. Florian PB8DX, Kees PA3BWD, Richard PD4RD and Alex PA1AW spent a few days and nights at the PICOM station with 2 goals:

  • Working fellow PI4COM member Ronald currently on Pitcairn with VP6EU
  • The realization of permanent cables between the shack and tower 4: 2, 10,12,17 and 40 meters.

Both goals were succesfully achieved so we can conclude that the weekend was well spent. Apart from several QSO’s with VP6EU also other nice DX (TX5T, E51, XX9) was worked on various bands.

Cable to tower #4 almost ready to be covered by soil again.

Kees PA3BWD and Richard PD4RD resting in the wintersun

Repair desk mounting connectors in the field.