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Another day of Antenna work

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As you might have seen on Twitter we had problems with our new 15m yagi.

During the winterstorms in december 2014 the 6 element Optibeam for 21Mhz came loose from the rotator and freely turned where the wind pushed it. Off course cables etc. where cut off. January 31th We toook the tower down to modify the rotator and replace the cable. A long day hard work.

Howerver, during this work we found out that a few of the bolts holding together the boom also came loose and disappeared……. Most probably we did not do the final check on these bolts when assembling the antenna whilst the manual is very clear what force to use fort his L

So on Sunday replacement parts where ordered by Optibeam. The super service provided these free of charge and they were delivered on Tuesday. On Thursday we were lucky to have the crane available (and suitable weather) to bring Kees PA3BWD up to the antenna to check all bolts and put new ones in.

Another antenna ready for the PACC Contest and K1N…..