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June 2016 – Cable time…….

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Florian PB8DX reports:

Just back from a few busy days on the PI4COM site.

During digging I meanwhile adjusted my plan slightly. I have decided to also pepare permanent coax to the dipole for the 160m and the 80m vertical., 3 cables to the WARC/10m tower, 2x Coax to the 40 M 4 sqr. and suitable control cable,  and also control cable to the 80m vertical.
I just want to be sure there are additional control cables top the vertical just in case.
The gutter is now about 30cm deep. So usually enriching to the sand.
If I do it myself I’m in two days finished with that slot.
Before I put the cables in the ground I have to be 300% sure that the cables are ok. Will need an analyser for that…..
Friday it was too rainy to finish that slot so I have the material container cleaned up a bit. The profiles and tubes, I put the multi container. Rusty old shit + short pieces of thick coaxial with the dirt placed at the beginning of the terrain. Next time a moment those buckets of kees transfer to other container and then we have a pretty aisle again.
This afternoon I climbed the 20m tower to take measurements for the position to hang a dipole for 60 meters. Not 80m and 60m. When the 40m mast is up we can hang in a wide band 80m dipole.

More to come 73  Florian