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Operation Sunstorm

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This friday and saturday were on the agenda to resolve the mysterie of the problems we encountered with our recently installed 10m and 20m yagis. Not knowing it would be two of the hottest days in the Dutch summier everything was prepare and Friday the preparation work started. Based on that experience the program was rescheduled tot start the net day at 6am in the morning to do the majority before the real heat came in. This plan worked out and early after the problems were solved and the tower back up again. An extra challenge was the fress bushfire their encountered, the firebrigade was called and the place was watered to avond new fires.

The pictures tell the story….

A HUGH THANK YOU to the members whom battle the heat and solved the problem: PA1CC, PA3EWP, PB0AIC, PD1VIP & PD4RD.