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Antenna work 22/23 january 2016

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Kees PA3BWD tells his story:

Friday along with Arnold PB0AIC (thankfully) the 15 meter antenna lowered. We began at 13.00LT and went home when it was properly dark.

Next Saturday up early (6 am) to go then at 08.00 to the location. Ronald was already there to work K5P and / or VP8STI.

The idea was to place in each rotor pipe part two bolts, I had bought this new drilling but they were soon blunt, Richard PD4RD also had some drills with him which happened to be professional quality making the work light.
During the making / welding of the necessary brackets for the rotor pipe clamps changed the structure of the material due to the heat of the welding. It became harder and not so easy to drill holes in it.

Since the antenna and rotor clock position had a different direction we had to turn the antenna to be blocked so turning was impossible.

Along with Arnold, who had been sleeping in, have loosened the rotor terminals and all additional terminals so that the rotor could turn to the position of the antenna.
What we noticed that the four screws (10.9 grade) were not very solid fixed despite the additional locknuts. We gave them a few extra turns and a set of additional locknuts.

Altogether nearly five hours sitting in the mast …

Just before darkness fell in we decided not to go away but to finish it off. Additional lighting was brought to make work possible.

Richard had the insulation removed from the 2nd shack ready to have the welding done.

Pffffftttt it was me again a tiring day,

Thanks guys and Arnold in particular for the work at height and Richard for the drilling and Ronald for the DX in the log.

73 Kees, PA3BWD,