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PACC 2018 is history

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Despite a limited antenna park and a small team of operators, PI4COM was active in the PACC contest last weekend. Not an easy task, but in the end we look back with pleasure. As is known, our main weapon, the 5el 20m yagi, did not come out of the winter storm unscathed, so we had to promote another antenna for… Read More »PACC 2018 is history

PI4COM will be in the PACC contest this weekend.

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A bit limped due to the storm damage to our 20m yagi but PI4COM will be active in the PACC contest the coming weekend. So when you hear us give us a call, we can use the points….. 😉 Do you want to know more about the PACC:

PACC 2016 is history

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PI4COM was active in the M2 section during the PACC contest ( past weekend. The february conditions always guarantee a combination of hard work, bad weather and great fun for this contest. For as long as PI4COM exists we have been in this contest as it is our national “contest party”. This years team consisting of PA2R, PA3EWP, PA3BWD, PD9DX,… Read More »PACC 2016 is history

PI4COM will be active in PACC Contest

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but the entry will not be competitive and limited to two radio’s only. Why? Simply because of the weather keeping us from necessary antenna work. At the moment there are no antenna’s for 15 and 80m and we have a small yagi up for 10m. Cu in the contest