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Alles over komende contesten

CQ WW CW Contest @ PI4COM by PA3EWP

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Ronald PA3EWP during the contest

Ronald PA3EWP during the contest

A short story of my experiences during the CQ WW CW contest at PI4COM.
After the CQ WW SSB contest in October the CW contest is also on my schedule. This is my favorite contest.
I had participated the SSB contest in the Single Operator Single Band (Assisted) class, only 80 meter.
This contest was from the contest location of PI4COM Contestgroup Oude Maas with my own call sign, one of the other operators was using PI4COM. I experimented during this contest with some RX antennas. This knowledge was very useful for the CW contest.
Until the last week for the contest it was not sure which class we would participate during the CW contest. But no other CW operator was available for the whole weekend so I decided to participate in the SOSB(A) 80 meters with the call PI4COM.
A few days before the contest I checked the propagation on 80 meter, so I knew what I could expect during the weekend. I also checked the Dutch records in my class, there must be a goal during the contest. I noticed that it would be difficult the beat that record. The multiplier wouldn’t be the problem, but the QSO amount (nearly 2.000). The noise level is very high at our contest location, receiving antennas are helpful but not that much.
Before the contest we always have to build our station, especially our receiving antennas. We would not leave them permanent otherwise the will be stolen or destroyed. So, it always just like a field-day.
I had two holidays of my company, Friday before the contest to build the station and the Monday after the contest to take it down again and to have a rest.
Thursday evening I disassembled my station from home and packed everything. Friday morning I went to our contest location (just 10 minutes away from my house). I got help from Kees PA3BWD. That helps a lot otherwise it was too much for 1 persons.
The following work was done:
– Putting radials on the ground for the vertical.Read More »CQ WW CW Contest @ PI4COM by PA3EWP


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A brief report of my CQ WW SSB operations; Single Operator Assisted High Power 80m. Shortly before the contest we decided that Devin was using PI4COM and not his own call, so I used my own callsign. Many hours before the contest we finished building the station and antennas. So I tried to sleep for a few hours before the… Read More »CQ WW SSB 2016 – PA3EWP

CQ WW RTTY Contest 2016 @ PI4COM

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Again as many years we participated in the RTTY contest. This year again in the Multi-Two category.   The operators were: Alex – PA1AW, Kees – PA3BWD, Ronald PA3EWP, Arnold – PB0AIC, Florian PB8DX and Richard PD4RD. Friday morning we arrived at the location to prepare the station.  The main goal was to repair the 20 meter beam. There was… Read More »CQ WW RTTY Contest 2016 @ PI4COM