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Alles over komende contesten

And the CQWW SSB raw results:

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Thanks to all of you working us !!! We just are happy with the result and off-course we found a lot of things to improve… So hope to meet you all in the CW contest……… 25 – 26 November 2017.

Fun in the CQ WW RTTY Contest

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A small team activated PI4COM as a M2 entry in this year CQ WW RTTY Contest.  Operator(s): PA3BWD PD4RD K7GK PA1AW PA3EWP PB8DX Glad to be back in team contesting after long time antenna issues kept us restricted to single band entries. Despite a small team we made the full 48hr effort. We found out that we have some work to do… Read More »Fun in the CQ WW RTTY Contest