Maintenance done…

Keeping a conteststation in shape is a lot of work. MOst of the energy goes to repairwork as a result of mother natures attacks by means of rain, wind etc., and unfortunately vandalism as a result of the remote location.

May 2n Kees PA3BWD again spent a day at the site doing a lot of work.

Thank You Kees!


Today we received this nice email:

Greetings from Avilés.

THANK YOU for your participation in the radio amateur activity that has celebrated the Centennial of the National Park of the Picos de Europa.

Once all the logs of the collaborators have been received and the database has been completed, the corresponding memories to which they have accessed will be sent to their recipients.

I send you in an attached file, the distinction that accredits you as PARTICIPANT. I hope it is to your liking and do not have difficulties to visualize it and print it if it is your wish. It is a JPG format designed in A4 size.

I remind you that activity information is available on the web:

The final results and the recipients of diplomas offered in different categories will be published shortly. These diplomas will be delivered during the annual dinner of the Union of Radio Amateurs of Gijón, in the next month of November. Those who can not pick it up personally, will be sent by email later.

Until next time.


PACC Contest 2019

Despite a small team and many part-time operators PI4COM was active in the Multi-Two category in the 2019 PACC Contest. With 2300+ QSOs and approximately 900K points it looks like a very nice result. Will it be enough for another win???

More info later.
For now some pictures….

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