CQ WW RTTY PI4COM M/2 HP – The result and the pictures

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: PI4COM
Station: PI4COM

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band QSOs S/P DX Zones
80 595 20 69 15
40 862 42 100 30
20 1078 54 92 34
15 447 35 73 25
10 7 0 6 3
Total: 2989 151 340 107
Total Score = 4,328,324

Despite some technical issues, which for sure cost us valuable points and caused frustration, WE HAD A GREAT TIME.

Thanks to all who worked us!!

For those who did not work us… Please try next contest which will be the CQ WW SSB.

PI4COM is part of PA6HQ activity

It has already become a good tradition that PI4COM is a part of the PA6HQ activity.

PA6HQ will bring the VERON multiplier during the annual IARU HF Championship Contest this upcoming weekend, 14 & 15 July. PA6HQ will be heard on all bands and all modes.

Other stations activating PA6HQ 2018 are PA3FQA, PA6Y, PB7Z, PH0AS, PI4D and PI4VPO. In short, a lot of activity spread over the country.

A small PI4COM team will bring the 15m SSB signal for PA6HQ. Please look for us.

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